2009 BMW M3 Structure problems & defects.

BMW M3 Structure problems : 1. I Was Driving On A Side Road At The Allotted Speed Limit., I Was On A Single Lane Road. I Then Went Over A Pothole- Not A Huge Crater. After Which My Steering Wheel Became Crooked And The Dsc Failure Warning On My bmw Came Up. I Took It […]

2008 BMW M3 Engine problems & defects.

BMW M3 Engine problems : 1. The Engine In My bmw Died At 74,598 Miles, No Warning Lights And No Weird Noises. It Died When I Was Driving The Speed Limit (65) On The Highway Doing Nothing Out Of The Ordinary, Wheels Locked Up In Traffic So I Had To Push In Clutch. It Was […]