BMW R60 Wheels Recall | Aug 16, 1984

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1984 BMW R60 Wheels Recall | Aug 16, 1984

Wheel May Develop Cracks And Fractures From Operating On Rough Roads. (spokes Will Primarily Be Affected).

Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken: Upon Inspection, A Redesigned Wheel Will Be Installed Along With A New Inner Tube And The Needed Balance Weights.

Vehicle Description: Motorcycles Equipped With 19 Inch Cast Alloy Front Wheels.system: Suspension; Front Wheel.consequences Of Defect: Wheel Operation Could Be Impaired. Spokes May Break Orthe Inner Tube May Be Damaged.note: If Noise Or Unusual Vibrations Develop, Do Not Operate Vehicle. Furtheroperation Could Result In An Accident.

This recall was issued on Aug 16, 1984 for 1984 BMW R60, manufactured by BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE, in response to Wheels problems.

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