BMW 320i Vehicle Speed Control,springs Recall | June 19, 1980

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1980 BMW 320i Vehicle Speed Control,springs Recall | June 19, 1980

When Subjected To The Extremely High Temperatures That Can Occur In The Engine Compartment, The Damper Sleeves Which Cover The Return Springs Of The Accelerator Control System Can Deform And Prevent Their Returning The Throttle To Idle Position After Release Of The Accelerator Pedal.

Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken: Dealer Will Replace The Throttle Return Damper Sleeves With New Sleeves Of High Temperature-resistant Plastic Material.

Vehicle Description: Passenger Vehicles.system: Throttle Control; Accelerator; Control Return Spring.consequences Of Defect: This Could Result In An Unusually Excessive (high) Idlespeed Which Could Cause Loss Of Vehicle Control And An Accident.note: If Vehicle Must Be Driven Prior To Repair, Moderate Speed And Increasethe Following Distances.

This recall was issued on June 19, 1980 for 1980 BMW 320i, manufactured by BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE, in response to Vehicle Speed Control,springs problems.

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