2014 Bmw X3 Structure Body problems, defects and reviews. Updated October 15th, 2017.

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Bmw X3 Structure Body problems and reviews: 1.

Are you driving a 2014 Bmw X3, or planning to buy one? Review reported Structure Body problems and defects.

Structure Body Bmw 2014
Upper Marlboro, MD
Model X3
System Structure Body

When I Turn On The Car, The Electrical Dashboard Has A Delay. I Turn On The Car, Start To Drive, The Dashboard Will Delay In Turning On (happens At Least 1/month In The Last 1.5years). Winter 2015/16 Doors Would Not Lock Manually Or By Key Fob. In Fear Of Theft, I Drove Home And The Doors Would Not Lock. Additionally, Dashboard Notification Said Driver Side Door Was Ajar While Driving (took Pictures). Lastly, Trunk Release Is Constantly Jammed And Can

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