1997 BMW E46 Structure Frame And Members problems & defects.

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BMW E46 Structure Frame And Members problems : 1.

I Own A 2000 bmw 323i And About A Month Ago I Had Started To Notice A Faint Squeaking Sound From The Rear When My Car Was Moving, The Squeaking Progressively Got Worse And Worse Until The Sound Was So Severe That It Could Be Heard Even With All The Windows Up. I Took It In To A Mechanic Who Identified That The Problem Was Indeed That Sub Frame Separating From The Body. As I Further Investigated This Issue, I Found Dozens Of Other People Who Have Reported The Same Problem. I Took It To The Sterling bmw Newport Beach Collision Center Where They Told That My Frame Was Separated From The Sub Frame And That bmw Should And Most Likely Would Assume Responsibility For This Substantial Safety Hazard. They Also Took Me Under The Lift To Visually Look At The Damage For Myself And It Appeared That The Sheet Metal That The Sub Frame Was Bolted To Had Torn, Similar To How Paper Would Tear. He Advised Me That Was Car Was Unsafe And Wrote A Statement Of What He Had Seen So That I Could Forward It To My Attorney And Appropriate Parties,

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